Disease Management

AMAXX identifies members with high-risk pregnancies and high-risk newborns. The program targets diseases and conditions that would precipitate preterm deliveries and lengthy, as well as, recurring NICU/PICU stays. Conditions are managed through education, clinical oversight by care managers, intense monitoring and coordination of care with providers, hospitals and the MCO.

OB Services
  • Targets chronic diseases and those that precipitate preterm deliveries (i.e. diabetes, hypertension, preterm labor, HIV, sickle cell, trauma, domestic violence, smoking, stress, etc.)
  • Manages conditions through education, intense monitoring, and clinical oversight by care managers and coordination of care with providers, hospitals, clinics and home health agencies.

Pediatric Services

  • Assists NICU with coordination of transferring perinatal services from NICU services to a less expensive care modality
  • Assists member with the education, identification and selection of a “Medical Home” in preparation of the newborn’s transfer from acute to outpatient care
  • Identifies, educates and manages moms with Late Preterm infants such that the newborn’s nutritional and high-risk factors are addressed as early as possible
  • Coordinates care in order to promote optimal health and minimize developmental delays. The following interventions are utilized to stabilize this patient population: health monitoring; referrals; “Medical Home” referrals; advocacy/emotional support; parental counseling and education; and crisis intervention.